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The nozzle of laser cutting machine affects the quality of cutting

1.The relationship between nozzle and cutting quality: When the nozzle center and the laser center are not on the same axis, the effect on cutting quality: 1) Affect the cutting section. When the cutting gas is sprayed out, it will cause uneven air volume, which makes it easier for the cutting section to have melting stains on one side and not on the other side. It has little effect on cutting thin plates below 3mm. When cutting a sheet of more [...]

Product piracy: laser marking fights counterfeiting

For the last few years, the rate of counterfeiting has been increasing in almost all areas. Apart from financial losses in the billions, counterfeited medications can be fatal. For this reason, the Laser Zentrum Hannover e.V. (LZH) is working on a flexible marking and identification process which, among other things, can be used to make medications in glass ampules counterfeit-proof.   Using a robust and industrially established marking laser, it will be possible to both individually and quicklymark products with a [...]

How to choose a laser cutting machine according to the needs of enterprises?

After years of development, laser cutting machines have more derived types, and their functions and performance have been continuously strengthened and upgraded to become more humane. At present, the types of laser cutting machines that we are familiar with and commonly used include CO2 laser cutting machines and fiber laser cutting machines. For these laser cutting equipment, which ones are better?     CO2 laser cutting machine: Because of the special nature of CO2 lasers, metal and non-metal materials can be processed, mainly [...]

Application of laser cleaning machine in industrial industry

The application of laser cleaning mainly stems from the need for a non-toxic, non-abrasive cleaning method on the market. This method can be used as an alternative to the previously used chemical cleaning, manual cleaning and abrasive jet cleaning methods.     Laser cleaning application: Surface polishing and rust removal in steel manufacturing 1) When metals are exposed to moisture, they react with water to form ferrous oxide, thereby rusting. This rust can reduce the quality of the metal, making it unsuitable for use [...]

Application of UV laser in enterprise processing field

Lasers are currently used in the processing field of enterprises to reach 44.3%, and ultraviolet lasers are known for their fine processing and become one of the mainstream lasers of fiber lasers. Why can ultraviolet lasers be quickly applied in various micromachining fields? What are its advantages in the market? What are the unique attributes in industrial micromachining applications? Next, I will come carefully for everyone.   Solid-state ultraviolet laser Solid-state ultraviolet lasers are classified into xenon lamp-pumped ultraviolet lasers, krypton lamp-pumped ultraviolet lasers, and new [...]

New technology in the TV industry, laser TV may become the next boom

In China, LG Electronics’ laser TV products have been on the Chinese market for more than a year, and the product categories have also expanded from the initial one or two to the price ranging from 13,000 yuan to 69,000 yuan. At present, some LG laser TV products are being promoted on the Jingdong Mall platform, competing for the “golden nine silver ten” promotion season.   Here, Samsung’s new laser TV released 2 ultra-short throw 4K laser TV products for personal [...]

“Xingyun-2” satellite carries aerospace intersatellite laser link

The reporter learned from China Aerospace Sanjiang Group Co., Ltd. that “Xingyun-2” 01 and 02 have recently achieved two-way communication with a complete link establishment process and stable telemetry status. The laser communication payload technology has been verified, and China’s satellite Internet of Things constellation has achieved a new breakthrough in inter-satellite laser communication. Since the two satellites carried out in-orbit technical tests, their core technologies have been fully verified.   According to reports, inter-satellite laser communication is a communication method [...]

Application of laser welding in automobile manufacturing industry

Laser Welding and Automobile Manufacturing Laser tailored welding is a key link in automobile body manufacturing. It has many advantages. It can not only reduce vehicle manufacturing costs, logistics costs, vehicle weight, fuel consumption, and scrap rate, but also improve the body’s collision resistance. Stamping rate and corrosion resistance, etc. Therefore, more and more auto parts manufacturers are setting their sights on the tailor welding industry.   As a new technological means, laser tailor welding brings new solutions to automobile body manufacturing. [...]

Prospects for precision laser equipment

Looking back on the development of laser technology in recent years, the development of lasers in metal marking, cutting and welding of large parts is relatively mature. However, the application scale of precision laser manufacturing is relatively lagging. The more important reason is that the former is rough processing and precision laser processing accuracy , The customization requirements are high, the process development is difficult, and the cycle is long. At present, laser precision processing mainly focuses on consumer [...]

Application and development trend of three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting technology

Technology development trend: With the more advanced and advanced three-dimensional five-axis laser cutting technology, the performance and function are becoming more and more powerful, the technology development trend is as follows: 1. High acceleration and high speed: product acceleration is getting higher and higher, product speed is getting faster and faster, and production efficiency is getting higher and higher;   2. High cutting speed and high precision: Only with fast cutting speed can the production efficiency be high and the production cost can [...]