Does a CNC Workshop need a full set of laser marking engraving cutting system?

As we know, CNC Machining is very widely used for various kinds of industrial processing. It is using CNC milling machines. For a CNC workshop, there may be 1 or a batch of CNC milling machines to carry the metal processing business, like metal marking, metal engraving or metal cutting.

Recent years, along with the rapid progress of laser technology, laser processing becomes more and more popular. So, does a CNC workshop need to fit some laser machines, for example, laser marking engraving machine, laser cutting machine?

That depends on the CNC workshop’s business scope, If a CNC workshop only does the Metal processing business, maybe it is OK to keep all the facilities as they are now. But it is still strongly recommended that to add a laser cutting machine or big size laser cutting flatbed. The laser processing would damage the processed materials, would not cause the metal sheet deformation or bulge. These are the advantages that CNC milling machine does have.

If a CNC workshop has the business of custom marking, engraving for different materials, like wood, glass, plastic, ceramics as well as metal etc. Then it would be good to add some laser marking engraving machines, for example, fiber laser marking engraving machine for metal materials, co2 laser marking engraving machine for nonmetal materials, or UV laser marking engraving machine for extremely high-end ultra-fine marking engraving for the high-grade items.

Anyway, CNC Processing and laser processing are some kinds of complementary to each other. If you are running the business of laser processing, some customers may have needs of workmanship that only CNC milling machine could do; If you are running the business of CNC processing, now maybe there are many customers have needs of processing that only laser cutting machine or laser marking engraving could do.


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