To buy a 20W fiber laser marker or a 30w fiber laser marker, is it hard to choose?

In recent years, usually 20W fiber laser marking machine is the common choices for most of the customers.

But now, more and more customers would like 30w fiber laser marking machine, what makes them make the change? Let see and compare the slight differences between 20w fiber laser marking machine and 30w fiber laser marking machine.

Different Watts of Fiber Laser Marking Machines

20W laser marking machine, as the most welcomed watt’s marking machine, it could do various kinds of marking, printing, slight engraving jobs on various kinds of materials, for example, mostly on metal, on plastic etc.

30W laser marking machine is nearly the same as 20w laser marking machine, only the watt is slightly bigger. So it could excel more work for some deeper laser engraving needs. The 30watt has bigger power than 20 watts, in some respect, the laser marking speed of 30 watts is also slightly faster than 20 watt.

There is another advantage for the bigger power laser, it could match larger lens that could mark & print & engrave larger area. For example, 20w could mark 110 x 110 mm area or 175 x 175mm area Max by using the relevant lens. 30 could mark 110 x 110 mm area, 175 x 175 mm area, and also 200 x 200mm area Max by using the relevant lens. And bigger power is marking precision on a larger area is higher.

Lens of Different Sizes of Fiber Laser Marker

Generally speaking, 20w fiber laser marking machine is excellent enough for marking & printing & even engraving cutting for thin flat materials. If you want the performance slightly better and have sufficient budget, you may choose to buy a 30 fiber laser marking machine.


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