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Advantages of 3D laser marking machine

In the industrial field, laser technology has long been a mature and commonly used processing method. The traditional two-dimensional laser marking machine uses fixed focus to mark the surface of plane and regular objects, but its function and processing range are limited. In order to better meet the market demand, 3D laser marking machines have gradually entered the public’s field of vision and become a popular trend in the field of laser processing.   The 3D laser marking machine is equipped [...]

Application of laser in the field of toys and stationery

With the increasing competition in the toy market, traditional toy manufacturers have begun to upgrade from OEM to original trendy toys. It is the important part of the process for building independent brands of toys to improve brand awareness and maintain original copyrights.   As a non-contact marking method, laser can not only cut the raw materials of toys, but also mark the brand LOGO, QR code and model information on the surface of the product, which can effectively realize the [...]

Laser improves the quality and efficiency of Lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries

Rising raw material prices, tight power supply, and shrinking consumer markets have affected the industrial chain environment of the automotive industry. The rising prices of new energy vehicles using power batteries as raw materials directly challenge consumers’ acceptance of electric vehicles. New energy car companies hope to rely on favorable policies to seek market traction, but the prospects are still unclear, and the knockout competition of new energy car companies is gradually kicking off. laser welding battery pack As the core [...]

How to choose a machine to achieve large-format laser marking?

With the development of laser technology, laser marking machine has become one of the well-known industrial processing equipment, and it is widely used in hardware, machinery, electronics, packaging, medical, glasses, automobiles and other fields. With the development of laser technology, people’s demand for laser processing is increasingly diversified, and large-format laser processing technology came into being. It can not only mark large-scale product, but also improves production efficiency .   What is large format Galvo laser marking ? Granted , may of [...]

Hand-held laser welding machine for welding of windows and doors

With industrial development and the implementation of energy-saving policies, the production scale of environmental protection windows and doors such as aluminum alloy and stainless steel has gradually expanded. The problems of rising material and labor costs, low processing efficiency and uncontrollable quality are particularly prominent in the production and installation of windows and doors. Nowadays, it is very common for laser welding aluminum alloy windows and doors. Compared with the traditional welding processes, laser welding machines have the characteristics of [...]


Dear Sirs or Madams :           This is an Invitation Letter. We LYUSTEC sincerely invite you to attend 9th Industrial Laser and Laser Technology Expo STOM-LASER Exhibition, during Apr. 5-7th, 2022 . We are in the center of Hall A . Booth number 81 , welcome to visit us.           In the exhibition, we will show all victors: laser marker, laser welder, laser cleaner, various types of laser markers, CO2 lasers, etc. Detailed address: Booth NO.:  Hall A – No. [...]

What is IC Chip laser marking machine?

Under the current situation of chip shortage and chaos in the industry market, overcoming chip technology problems, shaping brand image, and safeguarding intellectual property rights have become key points that we cannot ignore. The laser marking machine has obvious advantages  for product marking, it is the preferred tool for processing marking in the chip industry.   IC Chip laser marking machine can mark permanent characters of about 0.5mm in size and corporate logo patterns on the surface of the IC chip for product [...]

What is handheld laser welding machine?

The handheld fiber laser welding machine is a new generation of laser welding equipment, non-contact welding, no need to pressurize during operation, and its working principle is to directly irradiate a high-energy intensity laser beam on the surface of the material, through the interaction of the laser and the material, the inside of the material is melted, and then cooled and crystallized to form a welding seam. Handheld laser welding machine is optimized based on humanization and work effectiveness in terms of appearance, [...]

How To Connect The Ground Wire Of The Laser Equipment?

What is the ground wire? GND, in the context of electronics, is the reference point for all signals or a common path in an electrical circuit where all of the voltages can be measured from. This is also called the common drain since the voltage measurement along it is zero. Ground could also refer to the earth ground, literally connecting electrical equipment to the ground to prevent user contact with high voltages. Why need to connect the ground wire? The working principle of [...]

QiXi Festival | Laser cutting and making Valentine’s Day gifts

The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is Qixi, widely regarded as China’s Valentine’s Day.   Legend has it that the youngest daughter of the Jade Emperor (the ruler of the world as per the legend), the Weaver Girl, became tired of the boring immortal life and decided to descend to the mortal world. She met and fell in love with a cowherd, a union strongly objected by the Jade Emperor who in turn forcibly separated them by the Milky [...]