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How to improve the production efficiency of antigen detection reagents?

With the adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policy, antigen detection reagents have become a hot item after masks, and the demand has skyrocketed in stages, falling into the dilemma of “hard to find a box”. In order to ensure the market supply, many production enterprises have increased their production capacity through various methods such as recruiting workers, shifting more shifts, and increasing equipment, so as to actively meet the market demand. “Antigen screening, nucleic acid diagnosis” has become [...]

Application of laser in cable industry

Cables are important basic materials for national construction. The main components are inner core wire, shielding layer, insulation layer, outer sheath, filling element and tensile element. Mainly used to connect equipment, control devices and transmit power. The scope of application involves communication construction, photovoltaic power generation, aviation exploration, new energy vehicles, security systems, smart homes and many other fields. The cable manufacturing process is complex, involving multiple processing steps such as drawing, twisting, and coating, and laser marking is an [...]

Laser engraving machine for guns

Guns are regulated around the world as dangerous professional-grade weapons. In order to better control and track guns and ensure social stability, guns mainly use laser engraving to mark serial numbers and text labels, such as marking serial numbers and traceable two-dimensional code on the surface of guns and magazines. Compared with traditional engraving, laser engraving has the advantages of high speed, smooth and beautiful effect. Mactron laser marking system is equipped with high-quality laser, high-speed scanning galvanometer and [...]

Why should I choose the laser cleaning machine?

In the field of traditional industrial manufacturing, in order to remove pollutants such as rust, paint, coating, grease and residual solvents on the surface of industrial products, Manufacturers mostly use mechanical cleaning, chemical cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning, but these three cleaning methods will produce different levels of pollutants and noise, which cannot guarantee the quality and safety of the production process, and the scope of application is limited. Laser cleaning, as a non-contact green cleaning technology, uses high-energy laser beams [...]

Do you want La’eeb™ or metal football?

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Made in China everywhere According to reports, China-made Qatar World Cup miniature sculptures, the Hercules Cup and limited edition souvenirs appeared on the World Cup site, and were loved by everyone. In order to inspire fans from all over the world, cheer on the action and celebrate every goal at Qatar 2022™, Mactron uses intelligent laser equipment to meticulously made mascot metal key chains and stainless steel footballs, wishing every player to show their own style. Metal Football   To make this football, we used 3 laser equipment for production, [...]

Laser custom animal tags

In recent years, with the obvious growth of pet market demand, a new economic situation has been formed – the pet economy. In 2021, the United States pet market reached 123.6 billion US dollars, the Japanese pet market reached 1,625.7 billion yen, and the Chinese pet market reached 249 billion yuan. According to the forecast of iiMedia Research, the scale of China’s pet economy industry will reach 493.6 billion yuan in 2022, increase of 25.2% over the same period [...]

What is mopa color laser marking machine?

In the field of laser processing, the most common processing effect is to mark white, black or gray marks on the surface of objects. In recent years, with the growth of new demands, the process of laser marking has been continuously innovated and upgraded, and the color laser marking machine has gradually become well known to the public.   Mactron color laser marking machine adopts MOPA laser with high beam quality. It is often used for general marking, marking color on [...]

How to unbox and use the machine after receiving it

Buying laser equipment for the first time and getting a complete wooden box package from a logistics provider, you don’t know what to do? Worried about damaging the packaged machine when unboxing? Not sure how to start the first operation? Don’t worry, Mactron will provide you with more thoughtful and comprehensive guidance. Three steps to tell you what to do after receiving the machine.   STEP 1: Unbox the machine Firstly you need to prepare some tools:vise, hammer, wrench, knife and the [...]

Laser Customized Mid-Autumn Festival Gift

From ancient times to the present, human beings have been full of endless reverie about the vast universe. Flying to the moon is the dream of the Chinese nation that has lasted for thousands of years. China’s lunar exploration and manned spaceflight are developing rapidly. At the end of 2020, Chang’e 5 spacecraft successfully sampled the moon and returned to Earth. Recently, a new generation of manned launch vehicles and heavy-duty launch vehicles have entered the preliminary stage of [...]

How to choose the shielding gas for laser welding machine?

Laser welding machine is a commonly used machine in the field of metal processing. With the gradual maturity of laser welding technology, the industry’s requirements for processing effects are becoming more and more stringent. In the process of processing, many manufacturers are more concerned about how to better utilize the value of laser welding and make products with a beautiful appearance and high quality. The main principle of laser welding is to set the shape after heating and melting. To [...]