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4 tips to let the lens of laser marking engraving machine use longer time

As we all know, the F-theta lens is an important component of laser marking engraving machine. To correctly maintain the lens could protect it to be used for a longer time and with better laser marking engraving effect. Now let’s look at some tips for how to correctly use and maintain the lens of laser engraving marking machine system. 1) The lens is very afraid of the dirty. For co2 laser marking engraving machines, it is easy to generate smoke when [...]

Custom 4 Axis Co2 Laser Marking Machine

Introduce a Custom Co2 Laser Marking Engraving Machine

As we all know, some customers would like standard type laser marking engraving machine, and some customers need to laser mark or laser engrave some special object with special marking engraving sizes. So the standard type could fulfill their needs, they are seeking custom type laser marking engraving machine. Compared to standard type, custom type indicates a higher technical and workmanship requirement. Recently, we made a custom 4 axis co2 rf laser marking engraving machine with wind cooling system. After getting our customer’s [...]

CNC Milling Machines VS Laser Engraving Marking Cutting Machines

Does a CNC Workshop need a full set of laser marking engraving cutting system?

As we know, CNC Machining is very widely used for various kinds of industrial processing. It is using CNC milling machines. For a CNC workshop, there may be 1 or a batch of CNC milling machines to carry the metal processing business, like metal marking, metal engraving or metal cutting. Recent years, along with the rapid progress of laser technology, laser processing becomes more and more popular. So, does a CNC workshop need to fit some laser machines, for example, [...]

Co2 Laser Marker Engraver With Red Positioning

How to make Co2 Laser Marking Engraving Cutting Machine with Red Light Positioning?

As we all know, the fiber laser marking engraving cutting machine has the function of Red light positioning. It is a natural function that fiber laser marker doesn’t need to install anything. The Red light could help positioning the area that needs to be marked or engraved. This is really a very good character of the fiber laser. Co2 laser marker engraver or Co2 laser cutter, with the co2 tube laser source, unfortunately, doesn’t have the red light positioning function. [...]

20W Fiber Laser Marker and 30W Fiber Marker

To buy a 20W fiber laser marker or a 30w fiber laser marker, is it hard to choose?

In recent years, usually 20W fiber laser marking machine is the common choices for most of the customers. But now, more and more customers would like 30w fiber laser marking machine, what makes them make the change? Let see and compare the slight differences between 20w fiber laser marking machine and 30w fiber laser marking machine. 20W laser marking machine, as the most welcomed watt’s marking machine, it could do various kinds of marking, printing, slight engraving jobs on various kinds [...]

Laser Marking Application n Various Industries

Laser Marking Application In Various Industries

Laser marking, as a modern precision processing method, has unparalleled advantages compared with traditional processing methods such as printing, mechanical engraving and edm processing. Laser marking machine has the features of free maintenance, high flexibility, high reliability, it is especially suitable for high precision, high depth, high smoothness marking requirements, now laser marking is widely used in metal, ceramics, clothing, beer & food fields etc.

Mactron Tech Team Weekend at Farm House

Mactron Tech’s Weekend Party at Suburb Farm House

Nowadays, people more and more like to have leisure time at the suburb and rural area. So Mactron Tech Team decided to go to a suburban farm house to have a party together last weekend. The farm house have cooker that private restaurant service, and also have self cook choice. We decide to self cook by ourselves. That would have more fun. Let’s see some pictures of us at the farm house. After we arraived at the farm house, and got off [...]

Laser Marking Cutting Application in the Manufacturing Industry

Laser marking is using very tiny beam of laser light to mark various kinds of signs, words, patterns etc. The laser beam can be measured by micron. The focused ultra fine laser is like sharp blade, could removed the substance of an object surface spot by spot. The best advantage is that it would be touch the processing materials in the laser marking process, and would not cause scratch and scrub, and would not cause extrusion and deformation. So laser [...]