Our Team

Mactron Team Members

John Lv of Mactron Technology Company

John Lv, General Manager.

Leading the Mactron Team Organization staff.  and Mainly in Charging of the marketing and sales of Mactron  Team. He is also an expert of laser machine system.

Mr. Zhao of Mactron Tech

Xunhua Zhao, Engineer Manager.

In Charge of the Laser Machine System’s Engineering Technical Work, Including new laser machine system’s R&D, and the production department’s technical support.

Melissa Huang of Mactron Tech

Melissa Huang, General Manager Assistant.

Mainly assistant the General manager to manage the whole company. Including the production department, financial department, and administrative department’s wrok.

Cong Lee of Mactron Tech

Cong Lee, Domestic Sales Supervisor.

In charge of the full domestic sales network all over the China mainland, HK region and Taiwan rigon.

Sunsa Sun of Mactron Tech

Sunsa Sun, Overseas Sales Supervisor.

In charge of the overseas sales network all over the world. including America, Oceania, Europe, East and South Asia, Middle East, and Africa.

Mrs Huang of Mactron Tech

Mrs Huang, Financial Dept. Supervisor.

Manage the Company’s financial department.

Linfeng Chen of Mactron Tech

Linfeng Chen, Production Supervisor.

In charge of the production department. manage the production workers and ensure the production schedule.

Lisa Deng of Mactron Tech

Lisa Deng, Inspection Supervisor and Pre-sales Technical Support.

In charge of the inspection and quality assurance. And also manage the pre-sales technical support.

Echo Fu of Mactron Tech

Echo Fu, Sales.

Responsibe for the sales of the overseas market.

Mr Zhao of Mactron Tech

Steven Zhao, Sales.

Responsibe for the sales of the overseas market.

Lily Zhang of Mactron Tech

Lily Zhang, Sales.

Responsibe for the sales of the overseas market.

Micheal Qiu of Mactron Technology

Micheal Qiu, Sales.

Responsibe for the sales of the overseas market.

Jian Liu of Mactron Tech

Jian Liu, Marketing.

In charge of the marketing of the mactron tech team. Including the support of sales teams and make some marketing plans.

Jiayuan Wen of Mactron Tech

Jiayuan Wen, Administrative Supervisor.

In charge of the administrative work of Mactron Tech. Including human resources, company’s regulation and other related administrative work.

Chunping Xu of Mactron Tech

Chunping Xu, Warehouse Supervisor.

Manage the warehouse’s raw materials, finished products and shipping of the goods.

Miss Guo of Mactron Tech

Miss Guo, Designer

In Charge of the designing works, including photo’s shooting, processing, and company’s full images’ designing etc.

There are more Mactron Tech team members, that we will not introduce all of them here.  Welcome to visit our team member page and hope you can know more us and to be our partners 🙂